This morning I woke up thinking about the same three things I’ve woken up to for the last two weeks. What day is this? What is going on with the virus? What am I going to do all day? My morning routine has become grabbing my coffee, getting on my phone to check what Fox news had to say; and then turning on the local news to see what the new numbers and headlines are. I suspect you may identify with me?! The past few weeks have been crazy, unnerving in many respects, and just plain upside down. Our lives have been disrupted beyond anything we have experienced in most of our lifetimes. However, this morning I forced myself to go beyond those same three questions and ask…is there any blessings in the midst of all this uncertainty? I believe there are. I am not minimizing the economic downturn, the difficulties in having children home from school for weeks doing online school; activities being canceled; uncertainty with upcoming graduations, weddings, and other activities. However, I believe there are some hidden good things in this situation.

The first being that we are not a third world country or China where we are kept from worshipping or hide in fear. Even in the midst of this situation we are blessed to be able to worship with each other online. This certainly makes me thankful for the group of believers that God has planted us in.

Second, I have had and heard more people having conversations about God, and how we should not fear but trust, then I have heard in a long time. We are being reminded God is in control and He sees and planned our futures. We can rely and trust God to walk with us through this time.

Third, a few weeks ago many of us were complaining of how busy we were; how behind we were with projects we always intended to start or finish; that we couldn’t find time to work God into our quiet time or devotion time because our schedule was overloaded. How about our good intentions to keep in touch with others or to disciple a younger woman God had placed in our lives. Ladies….we have been given the gift of time away from our normal life. A time to seek God and His will in our lives in a quieter and slower pace of life.

My passion for years has been the older women walking with younger women. This is mandated in Titus 3:4-5. What a great opportunity you, as an older woman, has to spend quality time on the phone right now with that younger woman in your life. As older women, we have experienced many ups and downs in the economy; the frustration when we needed a break from being a mom or wife; and the anxieties of life. The benefit of being older is we are assured that God is in EVERY situation because we have seen Him work in our own lives in the past. Why not reassure her that God knows exactly what is going on. Be a listener, an encourager, and a prayer partner. Cover her in scripture. Not only are we fulfilling God’s call on our lives as an older woman, but I promise you that you are the one who will be blessed beyond measure. We need each other. God’s plan is designed perfectly to accomplish spreading the gospel through how we serve each other.

To you younger women, do not hesitate to reach out to someone God has put in your life that may be older and wiser to help you navigate through the trials and changes in your day. Spend some time getting to know each other, read scripture together and pray for each other. Take advantage of this time and reach out to that woman you have intended to have a closer relationship with. Do not ever think you, as a younger woman, has nothing to offer an older woman. Many older women are lonely or may be an empty-nester longing to feel needed again and are waiting for an invitation to serve and encourage. You will be a blessing to her as much as she will bless you.

This virus is not bigger than God. I thank God that He gives us blessings and opportunities to serve even in the midst of what feels like chaos all around us. It does not change God’s plan for our lives. We can be blessed during this time of “social distancing.” Look for the blessings God offers rather than dwelling on what we may be missing right now, and watch God work. He loves us and He has not lost us. He’s given us each other to walk through this time together. Praise God for his never ending love and care no matter what is going on.

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