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Hello! My name is Glenda Everett and this is my passion project. I aim to help women grow in their faith no matter their age. Perfect Love is dedicated to honoring God first, edifying Christian women and opportunities to grow deeper spiritually.

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I am so grateful to you for joining me in this journey of growth and encouragement.

Marching Orders

Marching Orders

This week I have been struck and actually sickened by how many heartbreaking articles I have read reporting cases of teenage, and younger, suicides in the last few months. I have even seen cases reported of children as young as 9 taking their own lives. As we all...

Helpless On My Own

Helpless On My Own

What a whirlwind of ups and downs emotionally, physically, and mentally the last month or two have been. Looking back, I can hardly remember thanksgiving (other than it was very small), Christmas was here and gone in a blink, David’s 50th birthday was three days...

The Manger of My Heart – by Renee Swope

The Manger of My Heart – by Renee Swope

I came across this poem last year and shared it with my friends. It really touched my heart and caused me to pause and think about the true meaning of Christmas and where my heart was. It should be a daily reminder for us. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. THE MANGER...

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