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Hello! My name is Glenda Everett and this is my passion project. I aim to help women grow in their faith no matter their age. Perfect Love is dedicated to honoring God first, edifying Christian women and opportunities to grow deeper spiritually.

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I am so grateful to you for joining me in this journey of growth and encouragement.

Crying Out for the Next Generation

Crying Out for the Next Generation

We Fight On Our Knees - Part TwoWhat does it mean to cry out? Webster’s definition is “to call out in a loud voice.” In studying scripture, to cry out refers to calling out for a purpose; to cry out as an expression of feeling; to make a clamor or loud cry as when...

Praying for Heart and Home

Praying for Heart and Home

We Fight On Our KneesA couple of weeks ago I was u-tube surfing and came across a story about the mighty power of a praying mom. This story was done by the Kendrick Brothers (who produced Courageous, War Room, Facing the Giants, and more) about their mom. She...

Bound Up or Free?

Bound Up or Free?

My head is spinning! I am willing to bet your head is spinning as well. Changes in our lives seem to be going at warp speed these days. I won’t list all the ways life has been turned upside down because you are experiencing the same circumstances and questions as I...

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