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Greetings. I’m excited you have visited my blog today. I’m a “mature” (aka older) woman who is blessed to be living at the base of the foothills of the Cascades in Oregon. I was raised in a solid Christian home and have been involved in many aspects of Christ’s church, and even at my age, still feel called to continue serving His people. I am also blessed to be married to my husband for many years; a mom, grandma of 11, and great grandma of 5, with number 6 on its way.

For many years I have shared my feelings in writing, journaling, and speaking, and have been told many times I needed to write a book or have a blog. Like many women, I put it off thinking it really wasn’t anything worth sharing. It was just my thoughts.

However, it took a great loss in my life for me to finally believe and act on the possibility God would use a blog for me to encourage and possibly help others. As I shared my emotions and pain in the loss, it became clear there are many hurting women out there that need the comfort of the Shepherd, the compassion of the Holy Spirit, and the realization that God is all we need to navigate this life. He is the anchor of our lives.

I believe that God has created each of us in His image. I believe Jesus is the Son of God who came to earth as Emmanuel (God with us). That He came to be the sacrifice for His people who had no hope of heaven without His sacrifice. He died and rose again and conquered sin once and for all. I believe He left us himself as the Holy Spirit who lives in us and is forever with us. I believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. I believe because of Jesus death those who believe will spend eternity in heaven with Him.

My passion is for women who are caught up in this whirl-wind life to find peace in the only place it exists. At the feet of the cross of Jesus. This blog is how I want to encourage women of all ages, to bridge the gap between older and younger women, and to elevate our view of God. God loves us and I pray this blog will be a way to reassure and remind us that we are special creations of the King and are here for a time with a purpose.

The purpose is to honor God and serve one another.


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